1. Jan. 24: Introductions, syllabus

Internet defined
Protocols, IP Addressing, DNS, Clients and Servers
TCP/IP, http, ftp, telnet, icmp, smtp
Web Addressing

  • example
  • ICANN, Domains, case-sensitivity
    Philosophical issues
  • Watch Ted talk on Filter Bubbles
  • Internet Thought Conditioning
  • Free/Open Source culture vs. proprietary; democracy, culture
    ‘Techies Project’
    (1):Log into Web account (2):Reply with Artist URL (3):Check out some text editors (4):Storage for Content

    2. Jan.31: Build a server, make webpages

    Download Example
    Server vs. Client Software
    Apache, browser, ftp client
    httpd, ftpd, smtpd, sshd
    Making Webpages
    Joys of html: Download example templates
    WYSIWYG editors
    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    Inline and external style sheets
    Cyberduck FTP software

    Make an example webpage and upload it.

    7. March 7: Spring Break

    Spring Break ( No Classes )

    8. March 14: WordPress and Fun with Fonts

    Working Video-js example
    Font Awesome
    * download *
    Responsive Templates
    Blog Post that coined the term ‘Responsive Design’
    Responsive Fundamentals
    — In-class Review:
    -A review of the web-based work created by everyone in the class so far. These will
    be presented for discussion and suggestions
    about formal issues, genres and techniques.

    10. March 28: Web Conversations and Responsive Design

    Example download
    Internet Privacy Legislation

    Aaron Swartz, Internets Own Boy

    Web-mediated conversations
    Data from the Internet, curl, IRC

    15. May 2: In-Class Work Day

    ColorFlow Slideshow template
    In-Class Work Day

    16. May 9: Final Presentations

    Visiting Artist: Matt Karl
    Final project Reviews