Contributed links 3:

from Jessie:
The artist I listed was Andrea Zittel and her website is
I like her website because it feels corporate but is purely an art site- and an impressive one at that. A-Z West is an experimental living project where Zittel holds retreats in interesting cabins that she designed and built.
I also relate to the western contemporary aesthetic and it’s nice for me to see someone successful with this aesthetic rather than the purely east coast, ‘high art’ aesthetic that we are constantly exposed to.
Her work ranges from architecture to furniture to fashion to textiles to painting. Definitely check out some of the cabins and her ‘Works’ page.

Here’s another site I think is cool. This was probably my first exposure to internet art, out in the suburbs.
from Timothy:
more Jon Rafman, but giving guided tours in second life as Kool-Aid Man

from Ashley:
Petra Cortright
(…if he and Petra Cortright had a baby, I would be the baby.)
Here’s one piece in particular he did. It’s a web browser but no matter what you type redirects you to the results for Doogie Howser.
from Rasheed:
Save Walter White

Contributed links 2:

from Olivia:
What I find interesting about his work is how he combines internet culture, such as memes, stock photos, gifs, etc with traditional media such as oil paintings.
from Luke:
The Secret Lives of Cameras – Golan Levin
from Jordan:
Inspiring: twitter-celebrates-great-moments-black-twitter-history

I found this page after searching for parallax scrolling pages. This is one I would model my own site after.
from Andriana:
Lucy Hardcastle

I liked researching Lucy Hardcastle’s art, and I was particularly drawn to her fascination with touch, texture and the human experience; the way she seeks to bring texture into the digital is really fascinating. She aims to create physical experience through 3D rendering software, with the ultimate goal of bringing her subjects to life.
I enjoyed watching this video as it really broke down her approach to directing. As well as seeing all the artist interactions that made this work.

I’m currently working on an exhibition called Undergarments in Sydney and Ann Hirsch is one of our exhibiting artists. Her work is dark and funny and I feel really encapsulates what its like to be a female online.

Contributed links 1:

From Chelsea:
I chose the piece Indirect Flights by Joe Hamilton. I love this piece
because it’s pure art- it’s a website that serves no functional purpose
otherwise. It can only exist on the web, as its medium is HTML.
From Montana:
Clement Valla

“Clement Valla is a New York based artist whose work focuses on contemporary picture-producing apparatuses, and how they transform representation and ways of seeing.”
His work The Universal Texture, Postcards from Google Earth, and deal with themes around algorithm and software affecting the way we perceive space and image. Valla’s practice includes manipulating software, collecting images effected by errors in algorithm, and finding ready-made images from Google Earth.

from Renee:
I’m not sure if this is technically internet based art but I really like Rosa Menkman’s glitch art.
Her website is like a piece of internet art itself.
from Joe-Freddy:

Raphael Rozendaal is a contemporary internet artist. His work is particularly a blend of pop aesthetics and flash animation. Each of his works is a website, which he treats as individual pieces. I enjoy especially the color flip website.
Jean-Michel Verbeek is an artist whose website I find interesting. I don’t have a specific reason why I like it other than the fact that I follow him on Behance.

amazing use of javascript

its cool

Examples to check out

  • Way To Go an interactive project of Studios -Amazing javascript programming
  • Hallelujah by Matt Kushan -An example of a traditional form (video) that is totally Internet derived.
  • by Olia Lialina –Pioneering net artist’s work from 1996.

another artist’s websites:

Kumi Yamashita -a standard artist WordPress site